SVC's strength lies in the deep technical expertise, access to top technology makers in the industry, and strong understanding of the requirements and differences in each commercial sector.

Our Latest Security Services

 Security Services

What we offered

What this can do for you

Security Framework Review

Compare your architecture with Standard-based security framework: e.g. BS7799

Security policy from industry standards

Take the guess work out of security!

Develop security roadmap to prioritize budgets, resources

Effectively implement & maintain enterprise security 

Achieve the ‘right level’ of security for your business

Security Risk Management

Standard-based evaluation – BS7799

Up to date technological know-how

Know your security risk

Potential risk associated to business functions

Industrial standard security practice

Adequate coverage for your security implementations

Security Vulnerability Management

Comprehensive security probes

System and Network assessment

Industry knowledge

Know your current threads, vulnerabilities and risk

Classification of threads

Effect of existing security measures

Security Consultancy

Experienced and certified staff

High-level management knowledge

Technical skill in implementing solutions

Establish security objectives in new or existing environment

Develop an operation procedure to manage the security implementation

Firewall Management Services

A good firewall management service will provide constant review of system health status, the implementation of rule sets and monitoring of log files to prevent existence and abuse of such security holes

The firewall management services provides  

·                     Firewall system health check

·                     Firewall rule set examination

·                     Firewall log review

·                     Firewall maintenance

Other Security Services

We are a dynamic information and network security services company. We help clients to address their security needs and concerns through our security services and products:

·         Security Audit/Review

o        Baseline IT Security Standards Review

o        Technical Audit of NT/Unix


·         Security Awareness Education

o        Security Overview for Management

o        Security Awareness for End-Users

o        Unix / NT Security Training


·         Security Policies, Standards & Procedures Development/Review

o        Security Policies, Standards and Procedures

o        Shortfalls and Adequacy of Existing Practices

o        Business Requirements and Acceptable Risk Profile

o        Corporate Culture and Impact on Security Policies 


·         Information Security Risk Assessment Program

o        Table-Top Risk Assessment

o        Host-Based Risk Assessment

o        Network-Based Risk Assessment

o        Electronic Perimeter Risk Assessment


·         Enterprise Security Management Planning

o        Baseline IT Security Standards Review

o        Selective Audits on Unix and NT Servers

o        Network-Based Risk Assessment

o        Electronic Perimeter Risk Assessment

o        Security Policies and Standards Development / Review

o        Education and Training


·         Business Continuity Planning

o        Vulnerability Analysis

o        Business Impact Analysis 

o        Security Controls Review / Implementations

o        Emergency Response Plan and Procedures

o        IS Disaster Recovery Plan and Procedures

o        Integration of Plans and Procedures into Company Operations

We specialize in disaster recovery and in the area of Remote Recovery Data Facility (RRFDF), we have successfully implemented the product in many large banks, financial institutions and government facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.