Company Profile

SVC Limited was incorporated in May 2005 with the belief that end users here in the Far East would prefer quality software products that can be backed up by quality local technical support.

The business of SVC Limited is primarily in three areas:
  • The provision of consultants skilled in various system management discipline on a variety of platforms
  • The supply and support of superior software products that add value to our customer's systems
  • The design, development, installation and maintenance of tailored computer software
Currently, SVC Limited has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. These offices cover the Greater China region and ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines).

Since incorporation, SVC built up a large client base, including at one time such public entities as the Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian governments, as well as many large private-sector corporations that are listed on their respective stock exchanges.

Our goal is to provide customers with effective solutions and represent only quality software product(s) from vendor(s) who are market leaders in their area of endeavor.

SVC's strength lies in the deep technical expertise of its staff, access to top decision-makers in the industry, coupled with a good understanding of the requirements and differences in each of the local markets.

Mission Statement

With the advent of multiple computing platforms and new technologies, our future direction lies not only in providing solutions for those system management disciplines which are already well established (such as system security, high availability, backup/recovery, performance, network management, operations automation), but also to bring to our customers the advantages of new and emerging technologies, to enable them to better translate their information technology investments into a more competitive business edge.

SVC is committed to staying at the leading edge of the fast-paced and ever-changing state-of-the-art technology and computing marketplace, and in having our clients benefit from these changes. We aim to provide our clients with excellent customer service at a competitive price. We believe the ultimate measure of our success is client satisfaction with superior service before and after the sale.